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Scientific Rationale

We are going through the first period of what will be a revolutionary decade for Astrophysics and Cosmology. JWST and ALMA are both giving an unprecedented view and the deepest possible understanding of star formation inside the Milky Way and the distant Universe. The near- and mid- infrared cameras of JWST have already changed our view both in nearby clouds and in galaxies of the Early Universe. At the same time, innovative and very advanced computational approaches allow the simultaneous solution of magnetohydrodynamics coupled with chemistry, offering the most complete picture of how the interstellar medium evolves across the epochs.

The aim of this conference is to bring together the communities that observe the Universe through the “eyes” of the biggest telescopes we currently have and that study the origin and evolution of the local and distant interstellar medium using cutting- edge hydro and chemical simulations. The conference will take place at the foot of the world famous Mt. Olympus from Monday 29 May to Friday 2 June 2023. This is the third Olympian Symposium focussing on star-formation, a series of Symposia that started in 2014.

Discussion topics

Formation and evolution of galactic discs
Star Formation Rate across the epochs
Molecular gas tracers in low- and high- redshift Universe
Star formation in extreme environments (AGNs, mergers)
Fragmentation and Protostellar Mass Function
Massive Star Formation and Feedback in molecular clouds
Planet formation and disc evolution

About The Event

The Olympian Symposium 2023 will take place in the Olympic Riviera, Pieria, Greece. It is the fourth conference of the Olympian Symposium Series. The venue of the conference is at the foot of Mount Olympus, the Mountain of the 12 Gods.

Paralia Katerinis
Mt. Olympus
Pieria, Greece

Monday to Friday
May 29 to June 2, 2023

Mediterranean Village Hotel & Spa

Paralia Katerinis,
Olympic Riviera,
Pieria, Greece
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