The Olympian Symposium 2014: Star Formation

The Symposium in 2014 was the first conference in the Olympian Symposium series. It was attended by more than 190 participants, 75 Universities and 35 nationalities. It covered the topic of Star Formation discussing important observational and theoretical results of how stars and planets are formed. The public lecture entitled “The Antikythera Mechanism” was given by Projessor John Seiradakis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) and was attended by more than 350 citizens of Pieria regional unit.
The event was kindly sponsored by the University College London, the ISM-SPP German Science Foundation program (DFG 1573), and the Royal Astronomical Society of United Kingdom.

Topics covered

The meeting was divided into different scientific sessions covering the topics of:

  • Structure and evolution of ionized nebulae
  • Feedback and modes for triggering star formation
  • Photodissociation regions and their relation to star formation
  • Role of heating and cooling processes in the clouds evolution
  • Role of turbulence and magnetic fields in small and large scale star formation
  • Initial conditions of molecular clouds and star formation
  • The comparison of observed and simulated data cubes

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