The Olympian Symposium Welcome to the homepage for OSCER15: The Olympian Symposium on Cosmology and the Epoch of Reionization! The meeting will be held from Monday 18th to Friday 22th May 2015 at the five-star Mediterranean Village Hotel & Spa. This is the second Olympian Symposium, following the OSSF14 on Star Formation which took place on 26-30 May 2014.

The event is sponsored by the Royal Astronomical Society and Hitachi.

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Scientific Rationale

Galaxies Early Universe A simulation of galaxies during the era of deionization in the early Universe. (Credit: M. Alvarez, R. Kaehler, and T. Abel)

During the past decades, significant efforts have been made to investigate the physics in the late time Universe and during the Epoch of Reionization. Theoretical studies, advanced numerical models and observations have led to great insights into the astrophysics as well as the Cosmology present from redshift zero all the way up to redshifts of order 15. However, they also generated a plethora of interesting but thus far unanswered questions.

The aim of the conference is to bring together both the theoretical, numerical and observational scientific communities to address the most recent advances in our knowledge of the Large Scale distribution of matter in the Universe stretching all the way back to the Epoch of Reionization. Our discussions will include the physics of structure formation, observations which probe this structure using cosmological surveys in optical as well as other wavelengths, how to analyse the data, and handling the large amounts of information encoded in simulations. We expect sessions and discussions on extensive probes of cosmic structure including baryonic oscillations, redshift space distortions, clusters of galaxies, weak gravitational lensing. Sessions would be dedicated to the comparison of the current high redshift observations in the optical and radio with simulations which predict the yet to be observed Epoch of Reionization signal.

Confirmed invited reviewers

Las Damas Smoothed distribution of mass-weighted halos from one of LasDamas cosmological dark matter simulations. This is a slice of 40 Mpc/h in a Gpc/h box. (Credit: Andreas Berlind)

Ionization Field A three-dimensional view of the ionization field produced by a numerical simulation. (Credit: B. Semelin)

Public Lecture (in Greek language) - Sunday 17 May 2015

Dimitri Nanopoulos
Distinguished Professor of High Energy Physics, Texas A&M University
President of the Academy of Athens
National Representative of Greece to CERN


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